Investing in new IT technologies, medicine and pharmaceutics
Investing in development of young promising companies
Investing in cooperation with international companies
Investing in development
Export program development
Expansion into foreign markets
Market research
Promotional plans
Organization of distribution of goods and services

Our company’s purpose is to invest accumulated knowledge and resources in promotion of interesting ideas, and support new undertakings. We invest in innovative technologies and distribution of established suppliers to Chinese, Taiwanese and Russian markets. We have an interest in projects, related to medicine, pharmaceutics and IT technologies. Investments in promising young companies create additional opportunities and form an integrated strategy, which includes the operations of production and marketing. And the most important thing is we are a group of like-minded people, not only willing, but capable of successfully helping start-up companies to implement the boldest ideas!

The main activities

The main activity is directly investing in a company’s assets. We consider the companies having the potential for gaining long-term profits. Our goal is to help in building substantial and successful businesses. We endeavour to ensure that our investments would create additional business value and generate profit for all participants in the investment process. Our key advantage is a deep immersion into every project aiming at finding the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to critical problems.

Our ideology

In our ideology of promoting companies, products and services, depending on the specialization of the client company, we are jointly developing a marketing plan and the necessary steps for its implementation. It is not just a marketing research of the industry, analysis of potential competitors or partners, organization of meetings, informal discussions, developing a promotional plan, creating an umbrella brand, based on national/regional specifics, but collaborative organization of the distribution structure as well.

You manufacture a product: we make the image!